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Project Brief

Tell me about the website you want to represent your brand. Share some documents with me about this project explaining all your ideas. Fill out the short question form and I will promptly contact you so we can start working on your project.

First Draft

On this very website view and inspect the first draft of your project. I will email you a link to first draft your project. You will be able to view and inspect the project in actual code online.

Revision Cycle

Request changes to the color scheme, test out different fonts, try out various images and critique the overall layout of the website. We will go through this revision cycle until the design meets your expectations and style.

Publish and Deploy

You new website will be optimized for production. All the functionality will be wired to a backend database (if needed) and/or a third party cloud service (if needed). All front-end assets will minimized for reduced bandwidth cost. Finally your new website will be deployed to a webhost or vps of your choice.

Features & Benefits

Here are some of the goodies you can expect when using this service.

Customer Service

Contact me anytime during the weekdays about any problems. I will respond promptly.

Email SMTP

Use G suite or mailgun to create automated email sending and responses via interaction on your website.

Own Your List

Store you customer list or email list in a mysql or mongodb database and export that list out to mailchimp or CRM software or other cloud services.

Reliable Advice

I will give you my best advice to solve your problems.

SSL Included

If you do not already have ssl through comodo, you can get ssl encryption through let's encrypt. However some web host do not allow you to use this service.

Own your Click Funnel

I can create a website optimized for landing pages and email capturing. Just make your website a click funnel system. And only pay the cost of hosting per month. You won't have to press any buttons!

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